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Review guidelines – JoSTrans

-    Review length

Reviews are between 500-800 words (3000 – 5000 characters, spaces not included).

-    All reviews to be submitted to the review managing editor, Matilde Nisbeth Jensen []

-   Articles to be submitted in electronic format (Word)

-    File format: Use MS Word with extension *.doc. Do not send Mac files

-    Margins, spacing and font

Please use the following standard values:
- margins (top, bottom, left and right): 2,5 cm,
- spacing: 1 (including endnotes and bibliography),
- font text: 12 pt Verdana,

-    Language

Reviews can be submitted in: Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian or Spanish. If you wish to write in other languages, contact the general editors. Articles submitted in a language other than English should normally also include an English version if the book reviewed is written in English. If you are not writing in your native language, please have your text checked by a native speaker. Use British English spelling conventions. For German texts the new spelling is preferred, but texts in old spelling will not be rewritten.

- Quotations are to be marked as follows:
"In science, the language is concept-centred; in technology, it is object-centred […]" (155).

       - Deadlines
      For the January issue, we must have contributions by September 1st.
      For the July issue, we must have contributions by March 1st.

- Place the following information at the top of your article, in this order:
Author’s Name and Surname
Year of publication
Title of book to be reviewed
Place of publication
Number of pages
ISBN or ISSN number

For instance:
 Boéri, Julie and Maier, Carol (eds) (2010). Compromiso Social y Traducción/Interpretación Translation/Interpreting and Social Activism. Granada (Spain): ECOS Traductores e Intérpretes por la Solidaridad, pp. 389, £ 30/22.88 €. ISBN 978 8461317592.

- Place you name and the name of your institution at the bottom of your review, followed by your email. For instance:

Peter Skrandies
London School of Economics and Political Science