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Moores portrait

Zoe Moores studied Classics and Modern Languages at Oxford, followed by MAs in Linguistics at Manchester and, later, in Audiovisual Translation at Roehampton. She is currently researching how respeaking can be used to provide accurate subtitles at live events for the d/Deaf and hard of hearing audience and speakers of English as an additional language. Her PhD is funded by AHRC TECHNE and Zoe works closely with the charity Stagetext to co-ordinate the project. Her interest in media accessibility stems from her years as a teacher and her passion for effective communication and equality for all. Zoe worked professionally as a respeaker and subtitler at Ericsson and now translates and subtitles on a freelance basis.


McIntyre portrait

Dan McIntyre is Professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Huddersfield, where he teaches corpus linguistics, stylistics and audiovisual translation. His major publications include Stylistics (Cambridge University Press, 2010; with Lesley Jeffries), Language and Style (Palgrave, 2010; co-edited with Beatrix Busse) and Point of View in Plays (John Benjamins, 2006). He has a particular research interest in the stylistics of drama, and his work in the area of audiovisual translation has explored how intralingual subtitles impact on characterisation. His latest book, Applying Linguistics: Language and the Impact Agenda (co-edited with Hazel Price), will be published by Routledge in 2018.