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Table of Contents: Issue 25 - January 2016

Issue 25: The translation profession: centres and peripheries, edited by Helle V. Dam and Kaisa Koskinen – January 2016

Łucja Biel
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P 1

The translation profession: centres and peripheries
Helle V. Dam and Kaisa Koskinen [abstract] [about the authors] [HTML] [PDF]

PP 2-14
Lucile Desblache interviews David García-González, Managing Director of GoLocalise
Lindsay Bywood interviews Tilly O'Neill, freelance translator



Outi Paloposki
Translating and translators before the professional project
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 15-32
Anthony Pym, David Orrego-Carmona and Esther Torres-Simón
Status and technology in the professionalisation of translators. Market disorder and the return of hierarchy
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 33-53
Rakefet Sela-Sheffy
Elite and non-elite translator manpower: The non-professionalised culture in the translation field in Israel    
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]

PP 54-73
Andrea Hunziker Heeb
Professional translators’ self-concepts and directionality: indications from translation process research
[abstract] [about the authors] [HTML] [PDF]

PP 74-88
Tina Paulsen Christensen and Anne Schjoldager
Computer-aided translation tools – the uptake and use by Danish translation service providers
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]

PP 89-105
Kristine Bundgaard, Tina Paulsen Christensen and Anne Schjoldager
Translator-computer interaction in action — an observational process study of computer-aided translation
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]

PP 106-130
Maarit Koponen
Is machine translation post-editing worth the effort? A survey of research into post-editing and effort
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 131-148
Marian Flanagan
Cause for concern? Attitudes towards translation crowdsourcing in professional translators’ blogs
[abstract] [about the authors] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 149-173
Helle V. Dam and Karen Korning Zethsen
“I think it is a wonderful job”
On the solidity of the translation profession
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 174-187
Minna Ruokonen
Realistic but not pessimistic: Finnish translation students’ perceptions of translator status
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 188-212
Anna Kuznik
Work content of in-house translators in small and medium-sized industrial enterprises. Observing real work situations
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 213-231
Hanna Risku, Regina Rogl and Christina Pein-Weber
Mutual dependencies: centrality in translation networks
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 232-253
Kaisa Koskinen and Helle V. Dam
Academic boundary work and the translation profession: insiders, outsiders and (assumed) boundaries
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 234-267
Joanna Drugan
Quality in Professional Translation. Assessment and Improvement (2013) 
Reviewed by Kristiina Abdallah [HTML] [PDF]
PP 268-269
Anthony Pym, François Grin, Claudio Sfreddo and Andy Chan
The Status of the Translation Profession in the European Union (2013)
Reviewed by Janet Fraser [HTML] [PDF]
PP 270-272
Sergey Tyulenev 
Translation and Society. An Introduction (2014)
Reviewed by Beatrice Fischer [HTML] [PDF]
PP 273-274
Łucja Biel
Lost in the Eurofog: The Textual Fit of Translated Law (2014)
Reviewed by Vilelimini Sosoni [HTML] [PDF]
PP 275-277
Brian Mossop   
Revising and Editing for Translators (2014)
Reviewed by Sue Lilley [HTML] [PDF]
PP 278-279
Máirtín Mac Aodha (ed.)   
Legal Lexicography: A Comparative Perspective (2014)
Reviewed by Łucja Biel [HTML] [PDF]
PP 280-284
Gian Luigi De Rosa, Francesca Bianchi, Antonella De Laurentiis and Elisa Perego (eds)   
Translating Humour in Audiovisual Texts (2010)
Reviewed by Elena Di Giovanni [HTML] [PDF]
PP 285-286
Susan Bassnett   
Translation Studies (2014)
Reviewed by Sarah Maitland [HTML] [PDF]
PP 287-288