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Issue 24 - July 2015
Translation and minority, lesser-used and lesser-translated languages and cultures, guest-edited by Debbie Folaron
Lucile Desblache
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Aleksandra Čavoški interviews Agnès Charbin on the challenges of legal translation in a European context
Lucile Desblache interviews Daniel Pageon on the fast-developing world of audiovisual translation
Debbie Folaron discusses the role of language and translation in endangered Aboriginal communities (Cree, Naskapi, Innu) with Julie Brittain and Marguerite MacKenzie
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PP 2-15


Debbie Folaron
Translation and minority, lesser-used and lesser-translated languages and cultures
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PP 16-27
Mikołaj Deckert
The automated interlingual mapping effect in trainee subtitlers
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PP 28-43
Gatis Dilāns
Integrating technology in Latvian translation education: untranslated medical terminology management practice using online resources and computer-aided translation tools    
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PP 44-60
Anna Fernández Torné and Anna Matamala
Text-to-speech vs. human voiced audio descriptions: a reception study in films dubbed into Catalan
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PP 61-88
Mikhail Mikhailov
Minor language, major challenges: the results of a survey into the IT competences of Finnish translators
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PP 89-111
Alfred Sanday Wandera
Evaluating the acceptance and usability of Kiswahili localised mobile phone app in Kenya: a case of M-Pesa app
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PP 112-128
Mohammad Saleh Sanatifar
Lost in political translation: (Mis)translation of an intertextual reference and its political consequences: the case of Iran
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PP 129-149
Lillian DePaula and Márcio Filgueiras
The Canela m’ypé: ‘mending ways’ or modos de reparação, the splendour and misery (need there be?) of presenting new social categories through translation
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PP 150-161
Pat Hall
Computerised writing for smaller languages
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PP 162-186
Timothy Pasch
Towards the enhancement of Arctic digital industries: ‘Translating’cultural content to new media platforms
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PP 187-213
Amy Olen
Decolonial translation in Daniel Caño’s Stxaj no’anima / Oración Salvaje
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PP 214-229
Nadja Weisshaupt
Localisation of bird sounds in the German and English versions of Lars Svensson’s Swedish ornithological field guide Fågelguiden
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PP 230-251
Cornu, Jean-François
Le doublage et le sous-titrage. Histoire et esthétique (2014) 
Reviewed by Carla Mereu Keating [HTML] [PDF]
PP 252-254
Miguel Bernal Merino
Translation and Localisation in Video Games: Making Entertainment Software Global (2014)
Reviewed by Piero Toto [HTML] [PDF]
PP 255-257
Adriana Şerban and Reine Meylaerts (eds) 
Linguistica Antverpiensia NS-Themes in Translation Studies: “Multilingualism at the cinema and on stage: A translation perspective” (2014)
Reviewed by Sylvain Caschelin [HTML] [PDF]
PP 258-261
Ying Cui and Wei Zhao (eds)
Handbook of Research on Teaching Methods in Language Translation and Interpretation (2014)
Reviewed by Jean-Christophe Penet [HTML] [PDF]
PP 262-264
Dror Abend-David (ed.)   
Media and Translation, an Interdisciplinary Approach (2014)
Reviewed by Louisa Desilla [HTML] [PDF]
PP 265-268