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Table of Contents: Issues 17a and 17b
(Personal and professional tributes to Professor Newmark)

Lucile Desblache
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P 1
Lucile Desblache interviews Donal Carey, Head of English Unit (EN.02), Directorate General for Translation (European Commission)

COMING SOON: Dionisios Kapsaskis explores globalisation issues with Michael Cronin, Dublin City University

Lebreton-Brillouet discusses fansubbing with Jorge Díaz Cintas, Imperial College



ARTICLES (Issue 17a)
Kelly Washbourne
Translation style guides in translator training: Considerations for task design
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 2-17
Alicia Bolaños-Medina
The key role of the translation of clinical trial protocols in the university training of medical translators
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 18-36
Marta Chodkiewicz
The EMT framework of reference for competences applied to translation:
perceptions by professional and student translators
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 37-54
Sharon O’Brien
Towards a dynamic quality evaluation model for translation
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 55-77
Yota Georgakopoulou
Challenges for the audiovisual industry in the digital age:
The ever-changing needs of subtitle production
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 78-103
Pilar Gonzalez Vera
The translation of linguistic stereotypes in animated films: the case of DreamWorks films
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 104-123
Song Cui
Creativity in translating cartoons for children from English into Mandarin Chinese
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 124-135
Miguel A. Jiménez-Crespo
Loss in translation: a contrastive genre study of original and localised non-profit US websites
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 136-163
Sophie Pointurier Pournin and Daniel Gile
Les tactiques de l’interprète en langue des signes face au vide lexical : une étude de cas
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 164-183
Elena Ferran Larraz
Simplificar para traducir documentos negociales de la Common-law: los esquemas básicos del derecho al servicio del traductor jurídico no jurista
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 184-206
Sonja Tack Erten
Establishing norms for functional translations from Portuguese to English:
The case of academic calls for papers
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 203-223
Ahmadi Darani
Date conversion essentials: The case of Persian to English official translation
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 224-234

Personal and professional tributes to Professor Newmark (17b)

Personal tributes from
Jan Cambridge
Peter Newmark‘s influence on my world of languages:
a personal perspective
[abstract] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 235-236
Ann Corsellis
A non-academic view of Peter Newmark
[abstract] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 237-240
Jeremy Munday
Some personal memories of Peter Newmark
[abstract] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 241-243
Articles from
Margaret Rogers
Corpus Linguistics and Lexicography: context, selection and interpretation
[abstract] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 244-249
Christina Schäffner
Finding space under the umbrella: the Euro crisis, metaphors, and translation
[abstract] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 250-270
Heather Fulford
The translator’s bookshelf: the role of reading in a freelance translator's continuing professional development portfolio
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 271-283
Şerban, Adriana, Anna Matamala and Jean-Marc Lavaur (eds) (2011).
Audiovisual Translation in Close-up: Practical and Theoretical Approaches
Reviewed by Dionysios Kapsaskis [HTML] [PDF]
PP 284-286
McLoughlin, Laura, Biscio, Marie and Mhainnín, M. A. N. (eds) (2011).
Audiovisual Translation Subtitles and Subtitling. Theory and Practice
Reviewed by Reviewed by Minia Porteiro-Fresco [HTML] [PDF]
PP 287-288
Gile, Daniel, Hansen, Gyde. and Pokorn, Nike (ed.) , (2010).
Why Translation Studies Matters
Reviewed by Mira Rueda [HTML] [PDF]
PP 289-291
Romero-Fresco, Pablo (2011).
Subtitling through Speech Recognition: Respeaking

Reviewed by Noa Talaván Zanón [HTML] [PDF]
PP 292-294
Streeck, Jürgen (2009).
Gesturecraft: The manu-facture of meaning
Reviewed by Sara Rovira-Esteva [HTML] [PDF]
PP 295-296
Ortín, Marcel and Pujol, Dídac (ed.) (2009)
Llengua literària i traducció (1890-1939)
Reviewed by Jordi Mas López [HTML] [PDF]
PP 297-298
Federici, Federico M. (ed.) (2011)
Translating Dialects and Languages Minorities. Challenges and Solutions
Reviewed by Paula Igareda [HTML] [PDF]
PP 299-300
Neves, Joselia (2011)
Imagens que se ouvem – Guia de Audiodescrição (2011)
Reviewed by Gert Vercauteren [HTML] [PDF]
PP 301-302