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Table of Contents: Issue 14 - July 2010

Lucile Desblache
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P 1
Jan Cambridge
Interpreting in the Public Services: an idea whose time has come. Introduction to the Special Issue on an emerging professional activity.

P 2-4
Lucile Desblache interviews Andy Walker on freelance interpreting and Patrick
Zabalbeascoa on the translation of humour.
Andy Walker on freelance interpreting [VIEW]
Patrick Zabalbeascoa on the translation of humour [VIEW]

Bob Zglinski
Changes in the experiences of children with English as an Additional Language (EAL) in the English Education System '
[about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 5-10
Carmen Toledano
Community Interpreting: breaking with 'the norm' through normalisation
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 11-25
Evert van der Vlis
The right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 26-40
Christopher Stone
Access all areas? Sign language interpreting, is it that special?
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PP 41-54
Letizia Cirillo
Managing affect in interpreter-mediated institutional talk: Examples from the medical setting
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PP 55-79
Olgierda Furmanek
Applied Interpreting Studies at the core of teaching the instructors: a proposal of solutions
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PP 80-99
Raquel de Pedro
Training Public Service Interpreters in the UK: A Fine Balancing Act
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PP 100-120
Eli Friedman and Sandra Hale
Teaching Medical Students to work with Interpreters
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 121-144
Sarah Bowen
From 'multicultural health' to 'knowledge translation'. Rethinking strategies to promote language access within a risk management framework
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 145-164
Anita Ertl and Sonja Pöllabauer
Training (Medical) Interpreters?the key to good practice. MedInt: A joint European training perspective
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PP 165-193
Uldis Ozolins
Factors that determine the provision of Public Service Interpreting: Comparative perspectives on government motivation and language service implementation
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PP 194-215
Emilia Iglesias Fernández
Verbal and nonverbal concomitants of rapport in health care encounters: implications for interpreters
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PP 216-228
Carmen Valero
Challenging communication in doctor/non-native patient encounters two perspectives, three types of interaction and some proposals
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PP 229-248
De Pedro Ricoy, Raquel, Perez, Isabelle and Wilson, Christine (eds) (2009).
Interpreting and Translating in Public Service Settings. Policy, Practice, Pedagogy.
Reviewed by Isabel Abril [HTML] [PDF]
PP 249-259
Hansen, Gyde, Andrew Chesterman, Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast (eds) (2008).
Efforts and Models in Interpreting and Translation Research. A Tribute to Daniel Gile.
Reviewed by Maija Hirvonen [HTML] [PDF]
PP 260-262
Gile, Daniel (2009).
Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training.
Reviewed by Marta Arumí Ribas [HTML] [PDF]
PP 263-265
Ugarte i Ballester, Xus (2010).
La pràctica de la interpretació anglès-català.

Reviewed by Mireia Vargas [HTML] [PDF]
PP 266-268
Dominiek, Sandra, Jan-Ola Östman, Jef Verschueren (eds) (2009).
Cognition and Pragmatics.

Reviewed by Anna Matamala [HTML] [PDF]
PP 269-272
Torresi, Ira (2010).
Translating Promotional and Advertising Texts.

Reviewed by José Davila [HTML] [PDF]
PP 273-275
Gerd Wotjak, Ivanova, Vessela, and Tabares Plasencia, Encarnación (eds) (2009).
Translatione via facienda. Festschrift für Christiane Nord zum 65. Geburtstag

Reviewed by Nina Weber [HTML] [PDF]
PP 276-278
Matamala, Ana and Pilar Orero (eds) (2010).
Listening to subtitles. Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Reviewed by Noa Talaván Zanón [HTML] [PDF]
PP 279-281
Fong, Gilbert C.F., Kenneth K.L. Au (eds) (2009).
Dubbing and Subtitling in a World Context.

Reviewed by Helena Casas-Tost [HTML] [PDF]
PP 282-283
Pym, Anthony and Alexander Perekrestenko (eds) (2009).
Translation Research Projects 2.

Reviewed by Luis Y. Castañeda [HTML] [PDF]
PP 284-287
Chernov, Ghelly (eds) (2009).
Amerikanskii variant: English-Russian / Russian-English Dictionary.

Reviewed by Nelly Chachibaia [HTML] [PDF]
PP 288-289