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Table of Contents: Issue 13 - January 2010

Lucile Desblache
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P 1
Deborah Cao
P 2
Mark Shuttleworth interviews Nicky Harman, freelance translator and Lecturer in Translation at Imperial College, London. [VIEW]
Miguel Bernal interviews Emilio Gallego, localisation producer at Windward Japan.
Changshuan Li
Getting Around 'Bu Zheteng'
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PP 4-18
Changshuan Li
Coping Strategies for Fast Delivery in Simultaneous Interpretation
[abstract] [about the authors] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 19-25
Wanlong Gao
Lin Shu's Choice and Response in Translation from a Cultural Perspective
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PP 26-43
Min-Hsiu Liao
Translating Science into Chinese: An Interactive Perspective
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 44-60
Yvonne Tsai
Text analysis of patent abstracts
[abstract] [about the authors] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 61-80
He Jing
The Translation of English and Chinese Puns From the Perspective of Relevance Theory
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PP 81-99
Nicky Harman
What's that got to do with anything?
Coherence and the translation of relative clauses
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PP 100-110
Leong Ko
Chinese-English Translation of Public Signs for Tourism
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PP 111-123
He Sanning
Lost and Found in Translating Tourist Texts Domesticating, Foreignising or Neutralising Approach
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PP 124-137
Díaz Cintas, Jorge, Anderman, Gunilla (eds) (2009).
Audiovisual Translation: Language Transfer on Screen Between Text and Image. Updating research in screen translation
Reviewed by Vilelmini Sosoni [HTML] [PDF]
PP 138-143
Díaz Cintas, Jorge (ed.) (2009).
New Trends in Audiovisual Translation.
Reviewed by Dionysios Kapsaskis [HTML] [PDF]
PP 144-145
Gambier, Yves, Shlesinger, Miriam and Stolze, Radegundis (eds) (2004).
Doubts and Directions in Translation Studies.
Reviewed by Pedro Castillo [HTML] [PDF]
PP 146-150
Ordóñez López, Pilar (2009).
Miseria y esplendor de la traducción. La influencia de Ortega y Gasset en la traductología contemporánea.

Reviewed by José Antonio Sabio Pinilla [HTML] [PDF]
PP 151-152