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Table of Contents: Issue 12 - July 2009

Lucile Desblache
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Pablo Romero Fresco interviews Professor Aline Remael on recent developments in accessibility in Belgium

Pablo Romero Fresco is Lecturer in Translation at Roehampton University.
Aline Remael is Professor at the Higher Institute for Translation and Interpreting (Hoger Instituut voor Vertalers en Tolken, HIVT) of Artesis University College Antwerp.
Helle V. Dam and Karen Korning Zethsen
Who said low status?
A study on factors affecting the perception of translator status
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PP 2-36
Isabelle Collombat
La didactique de l’erreur dans l’apprentissage de la traduction
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PP 37-54
Saverio Perrino
User-generated translation:
The future of translation in a Web 2.0 environment
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PP 55-78
Miguel A. Jiménez
Conventions in localisation: a corpus study of original vs. translated web texts
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PP 79-102
Camilla Ferard
A wolf in sheep's clothing? English terminology in French annual reports of the European Central Bank from 1991 to 2008
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PP 103-148
Maria Tymczyńska
Integrating in-class and online learning activities in a healthcare interpreting course using Moodle
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PP 149-165
Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh
Apropos translator training aggro:
a case study of the Centre for Continuing Education
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PP 166-179
Juan José Martínez Sierra
Doblar o subtitular el humor, esa no es la cuestión.
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PP 180-198
Dr. Ignacio Garcia
Beyond Translation Memory: Computers and the Professional Translator
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PP 199-214
Chiaro, Delia, Christiane Heiss, and Chiara Bucaria (eds.) (2008).
Between Text and Image. Updating research in screen translation
Reviewed by Paula Igareda [HTML] [PDF]
PP 215-216
Díaz Cintas, Jorge (ed.) (2008).
The Didactics of Audiovisual Translation
Reviewed by Juan José Martínez Sierra [HTML] [PDF]
PP 217-222
Fabrizio Megale (2008).
Teorie della traduzione giuridica: Fra diritto comparato e Translation Studies (Theories on legal translation: between comparative law and Translation Studies)
Reviewed by Stefania Cavagnoli [HTML] [PDF]
PP 223-224
Veljka Ruzicka Kenfel (ed.) (2008).
Diálogos intertextuales: Pocahontas. Estudios de literatura infantil y juvenil alemana e inglesa: trasvases semióticos.

Reviewed by Cristina García de Toro [HTML] [PDF]
PP 225-227
Sanderson, John D. (2008).
Películas antiguas, subtítulos nuevos. Análisis diacrónico de la traducción audiovisual.
Reviewed by Anjana Martínez Tejerina

PP 228-229
Stolze, Radegundis. (2008).
Übersetzungstheorien. Eine Einführung.

Reviewed by Eduard Bartolli Teixidor [HTML] [PDF]
PP 230-231
Yuste Rodrigo, Elia (2008).
Topics in Language Resources for Translation and Localisation.

Reviewed by Bartolmé Mesa Lao [HTML] [PDF]
PP 232-234