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Table of Contents: Issue 11 - January 2009

Jody Byrne
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P 1
Introduction to this issue on technical translation [HTML] [PDF] P 2-5

Dave Ranyard (Creative Services) and Vanessa Wood (Localisation) from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are interviewed by Miguel Bernal
Christophe Declercq (Lecturer in Translation with localisation, Imperial College and Antwerp University College) is interviewed by Mark Shuttleworth on the current state of translation tools
Scott L. Montgomery
English and Science: realities and issues for translation in the age of an expanding lingua franca
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PP 6-16
Klaus Schubert
Positioning translation in Technical Communication Studies
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 17-30
Susanne Göpferich
Comprehensibility assessment using the Karlsruhe comprehensibility concept
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 31-51
Rebecca Fiederer and Sharon O'Brien
Quality and Machine Translation: A realistic objective?
[abstract] [about the authors] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 52-74
Javier Franco Aixelá
An overview of interference in scientific and technical translation
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PP 75-87
Peter Kastberg
Personal knowledge management in the training of non-literary translators
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PP 88-101
Karl Gerhard Hempel
Intercultural interferences in technical translation: A glance at Italian and German technical manuals
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PP 102-123
Radegundis Stolze
Dealing with cultural elements in technical texts for translation
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PP 124-142
Maribel Tercedor, Esperanza Alarcón-Navío, Juan A. Prieto-Velasco and Clara I. López-Rodríguez
Images as part of technical translation courses: implications and applications
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PP 143-168
Beatriz Méndez-Cendón
Combinatorial patterns in medical case reports: an English-Spanish contrastive analysis
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PP 169-190
David Wilmsen and Riham Osama Youssef
Regional standards and local routes in adoption techniques for specialised terminologies in the dialects of written Arabic
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PP 191-210
Minako O'Hagan
Towards a cross-cultural game design: an explorative study in understanding the player experience of a localised Japanese video game
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PP 211-233
Miguel Bernal
Video games and children's books in translation
[abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
PP 234-247
Kearns, John (2006).
Translator and Interpreter Training. Issues, Methods and Debates
Reviewed by Jacqueline Page [HTML] [PDF]
PP 248-249
Khurshid, Ahmad and Margaret Rogers (eds) (2007).
Evidence-based LSP: Translation, Text and Terminology
Reviewed by Jody Byrne [HTML] [PDF]
PP 250-251
Martínez Sierra, Juan José (2008).
Humor y traducción. Los Simpson cruzan la frontera
Reviewed by Anjana Martínez Tejerina [HTML] [PDF]
PP 252-254
Pilar Ezpeleta Piorno (2007)
Teatro y traducción. Aproximación interdisciplinaria desde la obra de Shakespeare

Reviewed by Helena Buffery [HTML] [PDF]
PP 255-256
Lorenzo, Lourdes y Pereira, Ana Ma. (eds.) (2004).
Traducción subordinada III: Traducción y publicidad
Reviewed by José Dávila-Montes [HTML] [PDF]

PP 257-260