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Table of Contents: Issue 10 - July 2008

Lucile Desblache
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P 1

Jeremy Munday on translation theory
Josélia Neves on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing
Judi Palmer and Jonathan Burton on opera surtitling
Translation in Slovenia (section edited by Nike Pokorn)  
Nike K. Pokorn
Translation and TS research in a culture using a language of limited diffusion: the case of Slovenia
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PP 2-9
Agnes Pisanski Peterlin
The thesis statement in translations of academic discourse: an exploratory study
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PP 10-22
Darja Fišer
Recent trends in the translation industry in Slovenia
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PP 23-39
Špela Vintar
Corpora in translation: A Slovene perspective
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PP 40-55
Corpora and audiovisual matters  
Ailish Maher, Stephen Waller and Mary Ellen Kerans
Acquiring or enhancing a translation specialism: the monolingual corpus-guided approach
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PP 56-75
Annick De Houwer, Aline Remael and Reinhild Vandekerckhove
Intralingual open subtitling in Flanders: audiovisual translation, linguistic variation and audience needs
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PP 76-105
Marta Arumí Ribas and Pablo Romero Fresco
A Practical Proposal for the Training of Respeakers
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PP 106-127
Josélia Neves
10 fallacies about Subtitling for the d/Deaf and the hard of hearing
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PP 128-143
Boase-Beier, Jean (2006).
Stylistic approaches to translation
Reviewed by Karen Seago [HTML] [PDF]
PP 144-145
Gouadec, Daniel (2007).
Translation as a Profession

Reviewed by Vilelmini Sosoni [HTML] [PDF]
PP 146-147
Montalt Resurrecció, Vicent and María González Davies (2007).
Medical Translation Step by Step
Reviewed by Beatriz Méndez Cendón [HTML] [PDF]
PP 148-150
Díaz Cintas, Jorge, Pilar Orero and Aline Remael (eds) (2007)
Media for All

Reviewed by Sabine Braun [HTML] [PDF]
PP 151-154
Matamala, Anna (2005).
Les interjeccions en un corpus
audiovisual. Descripcio i representacio lexicografica
Reviewed by Pablo Romero [HTML] [PDF]
PP 155-156
Leonardi, Vanessa (ed.) (2004).
Gender and Ideology in Translation. Do Women and Men Translate Differently?
Reviewed by Manuela Perteghella [HTML] [PDF]

PP 157-159
Zughoul, Muhammad Raji (2007).
Studies in Contemporary Arabic-English Socio-Linguistics
Reviewed by Mohammed Yahya Abu-Risha [HTML] [PDF]
PP 160-162
Heller, Dorothee und Konrad Ehlich (2007).
Studien zur
Reviewed by Peter Sandrini [HTML] [PDF]
PP 163-166
Pujol, Didac (2007).
Traduir Shakespeare. Les reflexions dels traductors catalans
Reviewed by Helena Buffery [HTML] [PDF]
PP 167-168
Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Barbara and Marcel Thelen (eds).
Translation and Meaning, Part 7.
Proceedings of the Maastricht Session of the 4th International Maastricht-Łodź Duo Colloquium on "Translation and Meaning"
Reviewed by Dionysis Kapsaskis [HTML] [PDF]
PP 169-170