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Table of Contents: Issue 07 - January 2007

Lucile Desblache
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P 1
Barbara Lewandowska, Peter Newmark, Richard Balkwill
Jody Byrne
Caveat Translator: Understanding the Legal Consequences of Errors in Professional Translation
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PP 2-24
Clara Chan
Translated Chinese as a legal language in Hong Kong legislation
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PP 25-41
Fan Xiangtao
Scientific Translation and its Social Functions:
a Descriptive-Functional Approach to Scientific Textbook Translation in China
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PP 42-73
Edyta Źrałka
Teaching specialised translation through official documents
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PP 74-91
Ana Cravo and Josélia Neves
Action Research in Translation Studies
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PP 92-107
Michael Wilkinson
Corpora, Serendipity & Advanced Search Techniques
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PP 108-122
Carmen Valero-Garcés and Dora Sales-Salvador
The Production of Translated Texts for Migrant Minority Communities. Some Characteristics of an Incipient Market
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PP 123-138
Ana María García Álvarez
Evaluating Students' Translation Process in Specialised Translation: Translation Commentary
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PP 139-163
About audio description
Pilar Orero and Steve Wharton
The Audio Description of a Spanish Phenomenon: Torrente 3
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PP 164-178
Pioneering Audio Description
An interview with Jorge Arandes
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PP 179-189
Marianne Grove Ditlevsen and Jan Engberg
Translating an auditor's report: an instance of specialised legal translation
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PP 190-194
A Polish translator's perspective
An interview with Adam Podstawczynski
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PP 195-199
Armstrong, Nigel (2005) Translation, Linguistics, Culture:
A French-English Handbook. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.
Reviewed by Tim Pooley
PP 200-201
Jody Byrne (2006). Technical translation.
Usability strategies for translating technical documentation. Dordrecht: Springer.
Reviewed by Alexander Künzli
PP 202-204
Terry Janzen (2005)
Topics in Signed Language Interpreting.
Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Reviewed by Christopher Stone
PP 205-207
Dorothy Kelly (2005) A Handbook for Translator Trainers
Manchester: St Jerome Publishing
Reviewed by Ali Darwish
PP 208-214
Chiew Kin Quah (2006) Translation and Technology
Palgrave Macmillan: Hampshire/New York
Reviewed by Miguel Bernal
PP 215-216
Harold Somers (ed.) (2003)
Computers and Translation: a Translator's Guide.
Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Reviewed by Heather Fulford
PP 217-219
Martha Tennent (ed.) Training for the New Millennium.
Pedagogies for Translation and Interpreting.
Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Reviewed by Raquel de Pedro Ricoy
PP 220-222