Interview with Debbie Folaron, 23rd September 2004
Translation technologies

1. Would you introduce yourself?

2. How did you get involved in localisation and why?

3. Has localisation gone through specific stages? Could you summarize them?

4. You have acted as chair at the 9th Localisation Research centre conference in Limerick. Could you highlight a few salient features of this summer 2004 conference?

5. Does the 'Open Source' theme of this conference manifest in the refinement of CAT tools development?

6. How do you envisage machine translation developments?

7. How do translators deal with the avalanche of present technologies which surrounds them?

8. Do you think that some translation software is absolutely essential to translators nowdays?

9. What do you think are the consequences of the growth of technologies on translation?

10. How does the coming of new media affect the translation process?