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Table of Contents: Issue 03 - January 2005

Lucile Desblache
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P 1
The lure of legal language: an interview with Roberto Mayoral
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PP 2-5
Maria Cecília Basílio
Universidade de Aveiro
The overall dance of specialised translation
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PP 6-20
Nicolas Froeliger
Universite Paris VII (UFR EILA)
Les points aveugles de la confiance dans la redaction et la traduction des textes pragmatiques (part2)
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PP 21-39
Fernando J. Chueca Moncayo
University of Valladolid
The Textual Function of Terminology in Business and Finance Discourse
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PP 40-63
Matthew Kayahara
School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa
The Digital Revolution: DVD Technology and the Possibilities for Audiovisual Translation Studies
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PP 45-48
Carmen Valero-Garcés
University of Alcala, Spain
Terminology and Ad hoc Interpreters in Public Services. An Empirical Study
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PP 75-96
Isabelle Hoorickx-Raucq
ILMH, Haute Ecole Leonard de Vinci, Brussels
Mediating the Scientific Text. A Cultural Approach to the Discourse of Science in some English and French Publications and TV Documentaries.
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PP 97-108
Baigorri-Jalon, Jesus (2004).
Interpreters at the United Nations: A History. Translated from Spanish by Anne Barr. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, pp.181. ISBN 84-7800-643-5. 16 €.
Reviewed by Daniel Gile.
PP 109-10
Gonzalo Garcia, C., Garcia Yebra, V. (eds).
Manual de Documentacion y Terminologia para la Traduccion Especializada.
Madrid: Arco Libros, 2004. pp. 556 (Instrumenta Bibliologica). ISBN 8476355785. € 21.32
Reviewed by Maria Jose Recoder
PP 111-112
Pöchhacker, Franz.
Introducing Interpreting Studies. London/New York: Routledge, 2004. xii + pp. 252. £50.
Reviewed by John Matthews.
PP 113-114
Valero Garcés, Carmen (ed.) (2003).
Traduccion e Interpretacion en los Servicios Publicos. Contextualizacion, Actualidad y Futuro. Granada: Comares, pp. 298. ISBN: 84-8444-686-7. 18€.
Reviewed by Raquel Lazaro Gutierrez.
PP 115-116
Louise Brunette, Georges Bastin, Isabelle Hemlin and Heather Clarke (eds.) (2003).
The Critical Link 3
. Interpreters in the community. Amsterdam/Philadephia: John Benjamins, pp. 359.
ISBN: 90 272 1652 5. € 99 ISBN: 1 58811 454 6. USD $ 119.00.
Reviewed by Carmen Valero-Garces.
PP 117-118