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Table of Contents: Issue 02 - July 2004

Lucile Desblache
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P 1
Interviews with practitioners and trainers in specialised translation
Daniel Gile
Universite Lyon 2
Integrated Problem and Decision Reporting as a Translator Training Tool
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PP 2-20
Vassilis Korkas (University of Surrey) and Pantelis Pavlides (University of Westminster)
Teaching aspects of LSP (Language for Special Purposes) to non-specialists: A case for background courses in translation studies programmes
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PP 21-33
Alexander Künzli
Department of French and Italian, Stockholm University
Risk taking: trainee translators vs professional translators
A case study
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PP 34-49
Nicolas Froeliger
Universite Paris VII (UFR EILA)
Les mécanismes de la confiance en traduction - aspects relationnels
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PP 50-62
Ludmila Stern
University of New South Wales
Interpreting Legal Language at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: overcoming the lack of lexical equivalents
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PP 63-75
Pilar Orero
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
The Pretended Easiness of Voice-over Translation of TV Interviews
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PP 76-96
Nigel Armstrong
University of Leeds
Voicing 'The Simpsons' from English into French: a story of variable success
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PP 97-109
Belda Medina, José R. (2003). El lenguaje de la informática e Internet y su traducción. San Vicente del Raspeig: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante, 328 pág. 18 Euros.
Reviewed by Olga Torras Hostench.
PP 110-111
Nida, Eugene A. (2003). Fascinated by Languages. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp vi, 157. € 65/ $ 65.
Reviewed by Marcel Thelen.
PP 112-113
Valero Garcés, C. & Mancho Barés, G. (eds.) (2002) Traducción e Interpretación en los Servicios Públicos: Nuevas realidades para nuevas necesidades // Community Interpreting and Translating: New Needs for New Realities. Universidad de Alcala: Servicio de Publicaciones.
Reviewed by Mustapha Taibi.
PP 114-116
Edwards, Alicia B. (1995). The Practice of Court Interpreting. Amsterdam /Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. 192.
ISBN: 90 272 1603 7
Reviewed by Carmen Valero-Garces.
PP 117-119
Ibrahim, Zubaida (2002). Court Interpreting in Malysia in Relation to Language Planning and Policy. Unpublished doctoral thesis, faculty of languages and linguistics, University of Malaysia. pp. 151, Roubles 123.
Reviewed by Daniel Gile.
PP 120-125
Pöchhacker, Franz and Miriam Shlesinger (eds) (2002). The Interpreting Studies Reader. London and New York : Routledge. 436 pages. ISBN 0-415-22477-2 (hbk). Isbn 0-415-22478-0 (pbk)
Reviewed by Daniel Gile.
PP 126-127
Tronenko, Natalia (2003). Regularities in the Behaviour of Russian Phrasal Idioms. Oxford: Peter Lang
Reviewed by Pieta Monks
PP 128-129