Combining corpus and experimental studies: insights into the reception of translated medical texts
by Miguel A. Jiménez-Crespo


Translation facilitates comprehension of health-related crisis information: Kenya as an example
by Sharon O’Brien and Patrick Cadwell


Multilinguisme, multiculturalisme et pratique traduisante au sein de l’Union Europ√©enne
by Elpida Loupaki


Translating the suffix -ism in linguistics terminology from English into Arabic
by Jamal Mohamed Giaber


Reverse dubbing and subtitling: Raising pragmatic awareness in Italian ESL learners
by Jennifer Lertola and Cristina Mariotti


Reception and effects of fansubs on EFL education for Translation and Interpreting students: an empirical approach
by Alejandro Bolaños García


Fansubbing in China, with particular reference to the fansubbing group YYeTs
by Dingkun Wang


The challenge of dubbing bird names: shifts of meaning and strategies used in the German version of The Big Year
by Nadja Weisshaupt


The FAR model: assessing quality in interlingual subtitling
by Jan Pedersen


Exploring semiotic resources in sight translation
by Tatjana R. Felberg and Anne Birgitta Nilsen


Ethics codes as tools for social change in public service interpreting: Symbolic, social and cultural dimensions
by Lluís Baixauli Olm


A conceptual and contemporary approach to the evolution of impartiality in community interpreting
by Leticia Santamaria Ciordia


Conceptualising translation revision competence: A pilot study on the ‘tools and research’ subcompetence
by Isabelle S. Robert, Ayla Rigouts Terryn, Jim J.J. Ureel and Aline Remael


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Iris Schrijver on the impact of writing on translation performance

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Karen Korning Zethsen on the translation profession in Denmark today

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Machine translation and Welsh: Analysing  free statistical machine translation for the professional translation of an under-researched language pair
by Ben Screen


The Translator’s Amanuensis 2020
by Elisa Alonso and Lucas Nunes Vieira


Casting some light on experts’ experience with translation crowdsourcing
by Vilelmini Sosoni