The translation profession: centres and peripheries - Introduction
by Helle V. Dam and Kaisa Koskinen


Translating and translators before the professional project
by Outi Paloposki


Status and technology in the professionalisation of translators. Market disorder and the return of hierarchy
by Anthony Pym, David Orrego-Carmona and Esther Torres-Simón


Elite and non-elite translator manpower: The non-professionalised culture in the translation field in Israel
by Rakefet Sela-Sheffy


Professional translators’ self-concepts and directionality: indications from translation process research
by Andrea Hunziker Heeb


Computer-aided translation tools – the uptake and use by Danish translation service providers
by Tina Paulsen Christensen and Anne Schjoldager


Translator-computer interaction in action — an observational process study of computer-aided translation
by Kristine Bundgaard, Tina Paulsen Christensen and Anne Schjoldager


Is machine translation post-editing worth the effort? A survey of research into post-editing and effort
by Maarit Koponen


Cause for concern? Attitudes towards translation crowdsourcing in professional translators’ blogs
by Marian Flanagan


“I think it is a wonderful job”
On the solidity of the translation profession
by Helle V. Dam and Karen Korning Zethsen


Realistic but not pessimistic: Finnish translation students’ perceptions of translator status
by Minna Ruokonen






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David García-González, Managing Director of GoLocalise on setting up a translation company:

David García-González
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Tilly O'Neill, freelance translator on translation project management and being a freelance translator:

Tilly O'Neill
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Work content of in-house translators in small and medium-sized industrial enterprises. Observing real work situations
by Anna Kuznik


Mutual dependencies: centrality in translation networks
by Hanna Risku, Regina Rogl and Christina Pein-Weber


Academic boundary work and the translation profession: insiders, outsiders and (assumed) boundaries
by Kaisa Koskinen and Helle V. Dam