Translation and minority, lesser-used and lesser-translated languages and cultures
by Debbie Folaron


The automated interlingual mapping effect in trainee subtitlers
by Mikołaj Deckert


Integrating technology in Latvian translation education: untranslated medical terminology management practice using online resources and computer-aided translation tools
by Gatis Dilāns


Text-to-speech vs. human voiced audio descriptions: a reception study in films dubbed into Catalan
by Anna Fernández Torné and Anna Matamala


Minor language, major challenges: the results of a survey into the IT competences of Finnish translators
by Mikhail Mikhailov


Evaluating the acceptance and usability of Kiswahili localised mobile phone app in Kenya: a case of M-Pesa app
by Alfred Sanday Wandera


Lost in political translation: (Mis)translation of an intertextual reference and its political consequences: the case of Iran
by Mohammad Saleh Sanatifar


The Canela m’ypé: ‘mending ways’ or modos de reparação, the splendour and misery (need there be?) of presenting new social categories through translation
by Lillian DePaula and Márcio Filgueiras


Computerised writing for smaller languages
by Pat Hall


Towards the enhancement of Arctic digital industries: ‘Translating’cultural content to new media platforms
by Timothy Pasch


Decolonial translation in Daniel Caño’s Stxaj no’anima / Oración Salvaje
by Amy Olen


Localisation of bird sounds in the German and English versions of Lars Svensson’s Swedish ornithological field guide Fågelguiden
by Nadja Weisshaupt





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Aleksandra Čavoški interviews Agnès Charbin on the challenges of legal translation in a European context:

Agnès Charbin
View in a larger screen.


Lucile Desblache interviews Daniel Pageon on the fast-developing world of audiovisual translation:

Daniel Pageon
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Debbie Folaron discusses the role of language and translation in endangered Aboriginal communities (Cree, Naskapi, Innu)
with Julie Brittain and Marguerite MacKenzie